Keep in mind that as a member of my team, I will send you detailed information about each of these steps! I will be there to help and support you along the way!

Step 1

Read my FAQ all about becoming a Lularoe retailer. Make sure to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have, or just so we can get to know each other! I am currently taking on directly sponsored team members, and would love to have you join my team.

Step 2

Create your Lularoe email account. I recommend using Gmail as your email host. Your Lularoe email address must be [email protected]. For example, mine is [email protected]. If your name is already taken, consider using a middle initial.

Step 3

Use my link: to fill out the online application to get the signup process started with me as your direct sponsor, or if you are joining my team under a mentoring partnership, ask your direct sponsor for her join link.

Step 4

Download, print, and read the forms provided at (or at your direct sponsor’s link) including the Consultant Application & Agreement, Policies & Procedures, Leadership Bonus Plan, and Applicant Queue Guidelines. Ask me if you have any questions about the information in these documents. Click “I Agree” when you are ready to submit.

Step 5

Within a few days you will receive a confirmation email. You will be asked to verify your email address and electronically sign the documents you submitted. After you complete these tasks you will officially be in the Lularoe queue! HOORAY! Let me know, and I will add you to our Lularoe consultant queue facebook groups. These are valuable groups where you can read and learn from other consultants and leaders. Follow any instructions you get via email or phone call from Lularoe’s Home Office regarding the Pre-Enrollment Education program. Always reach out to me whenever you have any questions.

Step 7

When it is time to onboard, Lularoe will call you to help you place your initial order. You can pay with a credit or debit card, or with a bank account (I recommend opening a business bank account). After onboarding, you may need to follow the bank validation steps to validate your bank account. This must be done in order to receive your direct deposits. You are also able to change your bank account after onboarding, if needed.

Step 8

After you have onboarded and placed your initial order, you are officially a Lularoe consultant! YAY! Let me know so I can celebrate with you! You still have a lot more to learn! We will help you plan your in-home launch party and your online shop opening and make sure are headed to success!